Photon based life forms

"... computers are my salvation my heaven ... they absolve me of my sins with knowledge, i can almost see my self in middle ages begging on my knees and asking humbly our almighty god for a way to learn and understand life, death and universe, whilst being overwhelmed by this gripping sense of despair - for a man with that perspective and knowledge - we are little gods, and this is heaven, and internet is out messiah showing us and teaching us the truth. My only sin would be not to realize that. No one told us how the evolution would go, perhaps the carbon of the future is photon? Would that really make a difference for a consciousness, everything is already being played in mind and body is just hight tech carbon collection of sensors and battery for brain anyways. I bet u haven't thought about that. Doesn't anyone talk of entering higher realms where anyone could do whatever they want and not be limited by our bodies? Who's to say that being digital isn't better or even next logical step in evolution. Armed with knowledge and weightlessness of photons, digital human race could finally achieve what carbon ones failed to do - evolve, to stop being ZEROES and finally become ONE"


"Greatest thing is that this was made possible by humans, genuine collective effort, a true great work of the ages. Science finally achieved doing what every religion n the world has previously failed. All this triumph of science was not about finding god, it was - becoming god."