NWO in action - YouTUBE

"YouTube has been ordered to give up records of each clip watched on the popular video-sharing website, along with the date, time and IP address of each person who watched it, to media giant Viacom.

In a ruling that could have major implications for online privacy around the world, US District Court judge Louis Stanton granted Viacom access to the records as part of its ongoing copyright infringement lawsuit against Google and its subsidiary YouTube.

Each time a video is played, YouTube's "Logging" database records the user ID and IP address of the viewer, the date and time of the request and the ID of the clip - and includes details of videos embedded on websites other than YouTube."




O sreci #1

"Upoznaj sebe do najsvetlijih plamenova i najmracnijih dubina i bices srecan, jer ces znati ko si" - Gautama Sidartha